MIMA 「ピクチャーメノー」日本の伝統工芸を現代的にアレンジしたアートなジュエリー

mima image


Watching Mima’s jewelry, you will realize that this brand developed its identity by adopting traditional Japanese crafts.  It is not a simple job to describe originality in making jewelry; however, Mima’s symbolic collection ‘ Picture Fancy Agate’ shows nothing but Mima’s. ‘Picture Fancy Aate” artist Yoshikazu IGUCHI begins with selecting rough agates that match his image, then cuts, polishes, and dyes the stones with natural pigments that bring beautiful color. To finish making jewelry, he attaches the impressive gold frames, and the agates become one of a kind pieces. Mima also makes fashionable jewelry using various color stones.

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