RUBY FEATHER PROJECT 「赤い羽根共同募金」コラボ、可愛いルビーネックレスを買って募金に参加!

ルビー ネックレス R

ルビーネックレス S


Red feather welfare fund is the most familiar fund activity among all ages in Japan. The community chest began fundraising with a red feather in 1947 shortly after World War Ⅱ to emphasize helping afflicted people and orphans. Afterward, the principal point of activity changed; the community chest works on “structure making own town better.” It supports the private sector with problems of various community-based welfare to be able to live in peace. As time passed, a jewelry whole seller and manufacture launched a new type of red feather, a beautiful pendant made of hundreds of rubies by the hands of a highly-skilled goldsmith. The necklace has six movable parts that give soft and light as similar to the feather.  When you purchase this pendant, we will donate 10 % of the price to the community chest.

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